Working with Zac was what helped get me on the right track in my development – and helped turn my play around. He was able to identify my deficiencies and could easily communicate to me and tweak what I needed to adjust, which was perfect because it would make for an easy transition from practice to a game. I am still to this day extremely grateful for my time spent with Burkey. Not only was he a teacher of the position for me but he was also a life coach, mental trainer and is still a great friend! 


I had the pleasure of working with Zac on a regular basis during the years that I played boys hockey. I was fortunate enough to be able to play at the highest level and attribute a lot of my success to Zac’s ability to put all of the pieces together. He has very sound teaching techniques and his instruction is always clear. He shows a lot of flexibility at adapting the time you spend with him on what you need to work on. He works with you at making sure that you are always at your sharpest mentally. Zac is a terrific coach and human being, which makes tough times on the ice more manageable – you know he will always be there to hear you out no matter where you are on any given day.


Zac Bierk started coaching me when I first started my dream to become a pro hockey player. In my years in junior, he helped me through the tough times by analyzing my game and working on specifics. He was easy to relate to because of his own experiences and how he sees the game.


Zac Bierk has helped me along my path to becoming a professional goalie. His knowledgeable advice and help that stems from his fantastic career as a pro goaltender has helped me through the ups and downs of the season – but more importantly the ups and downs of life. He has been both a huge supporter and friend for many years. Thank you Bierky.


I am very pleased that Dave Kennedy and Zac Bierk have been my AAA daughter’s goalie coaches. She has shown tremendous improvement as a result of Dave and Zac. They are outstanding at teaching technical skills in an upbeat, positive environment. You will not find better minor hockey goalie coaches and they are equally fine people.



Having had my own goalie coach for my son for the past three seasons, this year we were part of a team which had its own goalie coach. While apprehensive I was willing to give it a shot. From the moment my son met Dave they hit it off immediately and we have never looked back! Dave is able to get the best out of my son day in and day out. His approach to teaching and his genuine concern, not only for my sons development as a goalie but as a person, makes him an invaluable role model for my kid!